Cannabis website design is a relatively new concept as laws, rules and regulations begin to change in favor of the marijuana industry.  Once an illegal market shunned by mainstream media, cannabis is now a celebrated product embraced by people and governments all over the world.  As popularity grows and companies develop we will start to see a shift in how dispensary website design differs from regular website design. An extremely unique subject matter, marijuana website design requires a specialized skill set and knowledge base in order to achieve maximum results.

Dispensary website design while similar to traditional website building in many ways also must deviate from the standard practices due to the dynamic nature of the content and service.  An at times controversial subject matter, cannabis is fast becoming one of the most accepted business industries and many savvy investors are clamoring to enter the space. With so many recent start ups it is now more important than ever to make sure cannabis companies separate themselves from the competition and one of the ways to do just that is through cutting-edge and distinct marijuana website design.  Lets go over 5 ways cannabis dispensaries can utilize the most prominent website design trends to assure they stand out among the sea of other regular websites on the world wide web.

5 Ways Website Design for Cannabis Dispensaries Differs From Regular Website Design

1: Age Restriction and Verification

A primarily adult business, marijuana website design must take into account user ages and what content is accessible to whom.  Laws, guidelines, rules and regulations will vary by jurisdiction but regardless of location client age is always a factor that must be taken into consideration above and beyond regular website design.

2: Visual Imagery

Highly reliant on appealing to the senses like taste, smell, look and effect cannabis website design must fully leverage the power of high definition video and pictures.  Sure a regular website might get by with just writing or blurry images but that approach does not work for dispensaries.

3: Live Chat and Responsive Customer Service

A highly changing environment that requires a lot of question answering there is no substitution for expedited client response times when it comes to dispensary website design.  Regular website design does not always need to take a proactive approach to customer interaction however when creating a cannabis dispensary platform that people can rely on open communication channels are a must.

4: Flexibility

Not a static business by any means there is no replacement for adaptability in relation to cannabis website design.  Experiencing major shifts in perspectives and policies constantly, dispensaries must maintain the capability to morph and transform into the necessary features demanded by such a modern product and service.  Updates will be needed and where regular websites can ignore change those in a youthful and ultramodern webisphere can not.

5: Scalability

In a growth state, cannabis website design is only beginning to touch the surface of its potential.  While many other industries are in a decline and need to scale down those in the field of marijuana that do it right are always needing to ramp up production and productivity.  If your website is not built to be able to scale to unforeseen heights then there is no doubt you will be lost in the general population of average and regular website design.

Marijuana website design is going to see exponential growth in the future and it is those visionaries that capitalize on diversity and differentiation that will lead the way.  Regular website design may be sufficient for many types of businesses but the dispensary niche is not one of them. If you want to understand more about how creative and innovative dispensary website design can help you stand out in a crowd then consulting with an expert is the next step in launching your web presence in style and with authority.