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Dispensary Website Design

Creating a dispensary website design or other marijuana business website is often different than building a website for a “regular” business.  While there are similarities, there are also crucial differences.

First is legality.  Dispensaries in some jurisdictions may be illegal, while “medical marijuana” is legal while recreational is not.  Therefore a well thought out cannabis website design needs to take those legalities into account.

Aside from the legalities of cannabis consumption in your area, there are other considerations one must be aware of.

We know just how hard it can be to find excellent cannabis website design which is why we have taken every measure to perfect the art and science of online business development. Our marijuana website design team at Cannabis Website Marketing is extremely well versed in all aspects of building successful companies and brands on the internet.

Highly specialized in onpage and offpage structuring and strategy there is no dispensary website design task that is too tall or too difficult for us to accomplish. As experts in guided user interfaces (GUI), navigation, media presentations, social media, search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), site structure, programming, content, writing, blogging, feedback and so much more there is nothing we can not handle when it comes to premiere website design.

From cannabis website design updates to upgrades to audits to new projects we can do it all when it comes to creating the very best web pages and sites the internet has to offer. Highly intune with the latest online technologies and trends we make sure every website we design follows the best industry standards, practices and guidelines while also complying with all appropriate laws and regulations

Excellence in design.

Experts in local search.

Beautiful and Functional Websites.

UI/UX Expert

As experts in digital media, we will be able to help you by building and implementing a sustainable website strategy.

From UX and up to UI, you will receive a full service dispensary website design to ensure you are connected to your customers.

Mobile First Website Design

Did you know that starting in 2018 most of the rankings you can achieve in Google will be determined by your mobile presence?  Therefore your new cannabis dispensary website design must be built using a mobile friendly platform.


All the websites we have built in the past (and will build in the future) were built with these considerations in mind.  All of our dispensary website designs are mobile friendly, and all are designed and built with speed in mind.

But those aren’t the only considerations for your cannabis website design.  One must also consider the target audience you are trying to reach (both the current audience and prospective new clients).  Any dispensary website should be easy to read and interact with, while also being functional and easy to navigate.

But wait there are even more considerations.  Voice search is a growing industry.  But websites play an integral role in voice search.  That’s why we will also plan for future technologies such as voice search when planning your dispensary website design.

With all that in mind, why trust your dispensary website design to just anyone?  Instead contact us to hire experienced web designers with a proven track record of functional, effective and search friendly websites.

Looking for a great dispensary website design?

Before hiring any marijuana website designer, you should ask these questions:

  1. How experienced are you?  Hiring an experienced designer is paramount to ensuring you have an effective marijuana website design.  There are many “designers” out there who have never coded a website.  These designers take a pre built template and make minor changes to colors and pictures.
  2. What are some other types of sites you’ve built?  Find out where their experience is – do they stick to one niche or are they experienced in various industries including dispensary website design?
  3. Can you give me examples of sites you’ve built?  You should be able to see various examples of the sites they’ve built.  If they don’t have them or won’t give them then don’t hire them!  Also look closely at the sites – are they unique? Do they look different from each other or are there simply cosmetic changes made?
  4. How long will it take to build my site?  For the most part, websites are usually pretty basic – even marijuana website design.  They shouldn’t take months and months to build, especially if the designer has all the information they need to get it going.  If the site is e-commerce enabled it could take a couple months, but a basic site with a handful of pages should be able to be completed in a few weeks.
  5. How many revisions will you make?  Your designer should include at least a few revisions to the site they built.  If not, then find someone who will.
  6. How will you communicate during the process?  Will your designer be available to discuss the project both before and during?  Or will they ignore you until the site is done?
  1. Is the website search engine friendly?  This is crucial for any cannabis website design.  It MUST be search engine friendly, otherwise what is the point of building it in the first place?  Think of it this way – having a website that is not search engine friendly would be like wrapping your storefront in a giant tarp.  Sure you have a dispensary but it will not make sales because no one can get in.
  2. Will the cannabis website design be mobile friendly? Google and other search engines look at mobile versions of websites first when indexing.  That means they give preference to mobile friendly sites over desktop-only websites.
  3. Do you have to hire them to perform updates and maintenance?  Some designers require you to hire them to perform updates or additions.  Many times they will charge extra and do it on their timeline, resulting in days, weeks or even months to have simple changes completed.
  4. Who “owns” the site when it’s complete?  While you may own your domain name, some designers restrict your cannabis website to their servers and/or CMS system.  That means if you ever want to move your site you can’t.  Systems like Wix, SquareSpace and Shopify are all types of these systems.
  5. How much will it cost?  This is a huge question. And while it shouldn’t be your only deciding factor, it should be one of them.  Some designers will charge much more for a marijuana website design than the cost of a “regular” website just because of the industry.  You should speak to multiple designers and get different quotes on your dispensary website design so that you may make an informed decision.

If they can’t answer these questions then you shouldn’t deal with them.

What We Will Offer You

We have many years of website design experience.  In fact, we got into website design because we found there was a lack of designers building search engine friendly websites.

You see, our background is in website optimization.  But we found that many of our clients were spending so much money getting the sites fixed just to be search engine friendly that in many cases it was cheaper to hire us to build them a brand new site that was search friendly right out of the box.

In addition, our cannabis website design come mobile friendly.  This too was something we found early on – most designers didn’t consider mobile to be an effective or worthwhile source of traffic.  Of course nowadays mobile is more prevalent but even still many designers can’t or won’t build website to display correctly on mobile devices.

Our marijuana website designs work on all screens, from the smallest smartphone to the largest TV or wall mounted display.  We can even turn your website into a webapp if that’s what you want.

This is why you need to hire us for your Cannabis dispensary website design.  We have been building websites to be mobile and search engine friendly for more than a dozen years.  Best of all, you will have 100% access to your site.  you can make changes and additions WITHOUT having to pay us extra to do them.  We will provide you training on how to use your website and we are always available should you have questions about how to do something.

At Cannabis Website Marketing we have dedicated countless hours of study, research, training and education to marijuana website design in order to assure our clients always receive first class products and services. Holding years of experience in cannabis website design, you can feel confident that we take every step possible to remain at the forefront of what’s possible online.

Always putting our customers best interests first we never take shortcuts when it comes to offering dispensary website design that you can rely on to perform at peak levels regardless of whatever scenarios are presented. Centered around marijuana website design efficiency, effectiveness and performance our staff at Cannabis Website Marketing goes out of its way to turn client wishes into reality in a responsible and reliable manner.

Founded on the beliefs of honesty, integrity, open communication, production, hard work, fairness, and customer service we take the worry out of dispensary website design. If you are ready to work with a marijuana website design company you can count on to provide guidance you can trust, do not hesitate to reach out to our Cannabis Website Marketing consultants now!