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Why trust your Cannabis Website Marketing to an inexperienced firm?

Cannabis search engine optimization (also known as cannabis SEO) consists of a series of tactics used to help achieve top rankings in search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo! And others.

At Cannabis Website Marketing we do exactly that!
The main benefit of our cannabis SEO packages is that our packages are custom designed to suit your website’s needs, while aligning with your overall online marketing goals.

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The Cannabis Website Marketing Process

The first step in our Marijuana Website Marketing SEO packages is to figure out what phrases we will position your Cannabis dispensary site for.  If you are able, we will ask you to give us some suggestions for phrases that you would like your cannabis website to be found for.  Maybe there is an audience you want to target? Or maybe there is a specific product or service you want to target, such as medical marijuana, or cannabis edibles or accessories.

We will gather all your suggestions and complete a thorough search phrase analysis to find out what phrases people are searching for right now.  From your suggestions we will define the thousands of potential phrases we could use for your cannabis website SEO, and whittle the list down to a handful of the best high traffic phrases that are both targeted to your site and will also provide the most qualified visitor traffic.

Once the phrases have been decided upon, we will perform an in-depth analysis of your website.  We will identify areas for improvement and offer solutions to resolve those issues.  The end goal of this phrase is to make sure your cannabis dispensary website is the most search engine friendly it can be.

We will streamline your website’s code to ensure it meets the strict quality standards set out by search engines.  Whenever possible we will also try to optimize your website images so they too load quickly on a variety of platforms.

When we are done, not only will your website be fast, but it will also be even more mobile friendly and easy to use on multiple platforms, including mobile phones, tablets, desktops and even the emerging voice search market.

When your marijuana website is fully search engine friendly, we will begin the process of optimizing it for search.  This may involve adjusting your visible page content as well as invisible areas of your site that search engines look for.  

When we are completely done with the optimization process, we will begin building references to your site using a variety of methods, from traditional link building, to citation building, article writing and submission and social media submissions.

Cannabis Website Marketing makes the job of marketing your cannabis dispensary website easy! Why wait to attract new clients and increase your revenue?

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