Many a wise person has noted that “history has a strange way of repeating itself” and when it comes to cannabis website marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) this sentiment could not be more true. They often say there is “no reason to reinvent the wheel” and while the legalized marijuana industry is as contemporary as it comes the coffee industry is a modern and mature market that draws many parallels to cannabis consumer behavior. When thinking about cannabis website design and dispensary website marketing along with SEO there is no reason not to draw knowledge and learning lessons from the highly similar and well vetted coffee marketplace. As a product already entrenched in plenty of online development life cycles and one that features many identical qualities to cannabis, coffee is the perfect cannabis website marketing and SEO strategy learning muse.

With both markets growing out of the enjoyment of a plant, coffee and cannabis go hand in hand when it comes to consumer cohesion. As each market supports a multitude of processing options and a wide variety of consumption methods smart marijuana brands and cannabis website designs will pick up on these facts and use this valuable knowledge bank and information to their advantage. The emerging marijuana business landscape offers a plethora of opportunities and by learning from other highly relatable industries like coffee savvy canna-businesses can take their cannabis search engine optimization (SEO) and dispensary website marketing to the next level. Let’s take a moment to look at 3 coffee branding practices that every cannabis company should follow to get a better understanding on just how important proven coffee marketing and SEO examples and strategies can be.

3 Dispensary Website Marketing and SEO Strategies Marijuana Websites Can Learn From The Coffee Industry

1: Create A Greater Brand Purpose – It is common to find coffee companies driven by more than profits and bottom lines and with activism and positivity as the cornerstones of the cannabis industry there is plenty of crossover to build from.  Allowing your marijuana brand to find innovative and creative ways to make an impact on the world will go along way towards connecting with an audience and cultivating loyalty and goodwill.

2: Get Technical About Your Products – From the plant types and names to the growing histories to the harvesting practices both coffee and cannabis lovers crave to connect more to the plants they cherish.  By appealing to the human senses and fully explaining product sources the consumer’s overall experience will be greatly enhanced. Also by becoming an information and industry expert in your niche you not only shine in the eyes of the people but also the search engines as well.

3: Develop Co-Branded Collaborations – Personal and professional relationships are both better when you collaborate with amazing people. Cannabis brands need authentic and effective ways to get involved and make a difference and one way to do that is by partnering with already established brands.  From flavored and infused foods to sports performance and everything in between coffee companies have long been working outside the box in co-branded synergies and there is no reason marijuana businesses should not be doing the same to maximize dispensary website marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) reach.

There is no denying that coffee and cannabis share many similar characteristics and traits and marijuana website marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) can draw from the rich online history of the former.  The best way to “stick” with customers and major search engines is to know what your cannabis brand stands for and who it is targeting. Your core audience and casual fans deserve a wonderful experience and past coffee company successes can pave the way for future marijuana business wins. In the end cannabis users may be unaware of services and products that might enhance their established routines and by drawing from the coffee industry’s long history, online cannabis companies can find innovative ways to reach intended clients.  What outside industries does your cannabis business draw strong parallels to?