Cannabis website marketing is about reaching the right audiences which can be difficult when trying to wade through all the new industry user data and regulations.  Approaches like expert marijuana website design, high level dispensary search engine optimization and skilled cannabis website marketing are all great ways to find new customers but can easily miss important targeted groups for those not paying close attention to key trends.  When it comes to the demographics of cannabis consumers, niches like recreational users, music and food lovers, medical patients and the legal youth are all clear marketing sectors but there are also plenty of hidden gems that are often overlooked.  By studying where a lot of the marijuana website marketing and advertising dollars are being spent we may be surprised to learn about some of the groups most heavily invested in.

If you are trying to grow your cannabis company or brand through marijuana website marketing you will not want to skip over those emerging potential clients that others may be discounting or even ignoring all together.  Thinking about marijuana brings certain images and emotions to mind which may play a part in why some target consumer groups go underrepresented when it pertains to marijuana website design and cannabis website marketing.  So which are the target groups that many cannabis brands are shocked to learn matter a lot?  Let’s look at three surprising and trending cannabis website marketing groups that many advertisers are looking to gain more traction with.

3 Shocking Niches You May Be Overlooking When Marijuana Website Marketing

Surprise Cannabis Advertising Group #1: Pet Owners

Research is showing that cannabis product ad spending on pet owners is increasing by as much as 125% year over year.  Animals and their owners are quickly becoming advanced users of marijuana products and this is a revelation that should not be lost on the most savvy of businesses and brands.  If you are looking to increase your dispensary website marketing and marijuana website design reach this is one area of potential sales you will certainly want to consider.

Surprise Cannabis Advertising Group #2: Baby Boomers

Studies are revealing that CBD advertisers are spending over 75% of their total market budget on baby boomers ages 65 and up.  Once a taboo subject among older generations the growing acceptance of the benefits of marijuana and CBD is quickly rising among seniors giving it new life amidst an often forgotten group of possible users.

Surprise Cannabis Advertising Group #3: Moms

Surveys are highlighting that cannabis product advertising focused on mothers is soaring to more than 150% over the the same periods from last year.  Benefits of marijuana such as helping alleviate anxiety, nausea, migraines, and insomnia are very appealing to mothers giving this unique group plenty of reasons to be interested in cannabis products.

If you are searching for new ways to improve your marijuana website marketing you will want to consider paying more attention to such under the radar groups as pet owners, baby boomers and moms.  It’s important to note that more and more advertising dollars are being directed to these unique promotional opportunities so the time is now to try and secure your own shares of these valuable markets and target groups.  While everyone knows that groups like millennials are a highly visible and desirable target market its about finding the emerging and less competitive niches to really start making strides in growing your cannabis website marketing impact.  Out of the above three groups which one fits your cannabis brand best?

If you think you are missing out, contact us today and we will help ensure you are able to reach these (and other) high quality target markets.