To the excitement of the country and citizens, the Government of Canada officially legalized cannabis consumption, effective Oct. 17th, 2018.  With new laws and freedoms in place, fields such as cannabis dispensary marketing become increasingly important to businesses in locations across the country.  As provincial legislation permits now allow cannabis consumption wherever tobacco use is lawful, the opportunity for new commerce grows exponentially. Now that cannabis consumption is approved in Canada on private properties that allow smoking, and at public spaces where tobacco smoking is legal, the need for dispensary marketing is rapidly growing.  Marijuana dispensaries in cities and towns across the country have a unique chance to create a thriving businesses with the full blessing of the Canadian government.

With cannabis retail shops now having the ability to open in many towns and cities, there is now a whole new market for marijuana dispensary marketing.  As the sale of cannabis in unapproved retail locations is unlawful, and because cannabis is labeled a controlled substance with strict rules around distribution, there is a lot we can learn from the laws surrounding sales.  While the retail application rules directly involve real world processes, there is also plenty to take away in relation to marijuana website design and dispensary marketing as well. Let’s take a look at the three major legal requirements of many district’s cannabis retail dispensary so that we may get a better idea on how these same types of principles can transfer to the world wide web.

Marijuana Dispensary Marketing Insight #1 – Property Zoning

The laws in most towns and cities generally states that all retail marijuana businesses must apply to have a property appropriately zoned to sell cannabis.

How this is similar to an effective online presence: 

When it comes to internet dispensary marketing, in the same fashion you must make sure all of your online properties are properly registered and zoned within the rules to assure your efforts will not be thwarted.  You must market your services and products only on platforms and locations that allow such activity. Doing otherwise will not only be a waste of time and resources but can ultimately end up landing you in hot water with the law or large corporations which is never the goal when trying to run a successful business.

Marijuana Dispensary Marketing Insight #2 – Licencing

The laws generally read that cannabis retail locations must secure, from their provincial government, a licence to operate a non-medical cannabis store. This licence generally requires input and a positive recommendation from the city or town in which you want to operate.

How this is similar to an effective online presence:   

Along with obtaining the correct web presence one must also pay close attention to licencing and advertising rules when it comes to cannabis dispensary marketing.  Following licencing guidelines for all the major online ad and marketing channels is crucial to keeping your brand not only in good standing with the powers that be but also at the forefront of consumers clicks and eyes.  By having the proper online procedures and permits in place it becomes much easier to maneuver from a marketing perspective.

Marijuana Dispensary Marketing Insight #3 – Local Approval

In addition to provincial government licencing other bylaws usually note that you must apply for a business licence from the city or town where you want to base your marijuana dispensary.  This highlights the importance of receiving recognition from your local markets when it comes to cannabis dispensary marketing.

How this is similar to an effective online presence:   

Creating a local presence in regards to your dispensary marketing is crucial to connecting within your community and building brand loyalty.  Although marijuana is now a worldwide phenomenon starting your marketing efforts locally and branching out from there is the perfect way to build the foundation for a promising business future.  

By studying all the relevant laws, rules, and guidelines for Cannabis commerce it becomes much easier to navigate the nuances of marijuana dispensary marketing.  If you are still unclear on the optimal ways to approach getting the word out about your marijuana business then hiring an expert dispensary marketing company is best.  

Taking your company and brand to new levels is about working with the right consultants and partners while strictly following government systems and codes.  What local lessons are you learning to help market your business?