When it comes to cannabis dispensary marketing there is a lot to learn from businesses in California.  By studying California companies marijuana website design, dispensary marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) we can take away valuable lessons to apply to our own marijuana ventures.  In 1972 California created the country’s first ballot initiative pursuing the legalization of cannabis thus planting the seeds for industry evolution. After years of little progress California finally become the first state to legalize medical cannabis with the passage of the Compassionate Use Act of 1996 (Proposition 215) solidifying itself as a progressive market leader.  In November 2016, California voters passed the Adult Use of Marijuana Act (Proposition 64) to legalize the recreational use of cannabis laying the final foundation for a thriving market.

With so much marijuana progression occuring in a single state we are really seeing new innovations and ideas when it comes to important business functions like marijuana dispensary marketing and cannabis website design.  While we can point to many great marijuana shops in California leading the future of cannabis commerce there are a few that really stand out at being the best at what they do. Still a relatively new economy, the best practices in cannabis dispensary marketing and dispensary website design are constantly evolving which is why it is so critical to keep a pulse on what the very best are doing.  

Let’s take a moment to dissect the top 3 cannabis dispensary marketing lessons we can learn from the highest rated and premiere marijuana shops in California to gain insight on how to improve our own business endeavors. 

Marijuana Dispensary Marketing Insight #1 – Sharing Expert Knowledge

Sparc – San Francisco and Sonoma California

When looking at the dispensary website design and marketing efforts of SPARC the explanation of California taxes really provides value.  The SPARC web page on the subject matter is very informative and makes a strong marketing connection with its audience as it promotes honesty and highlights a commitment to consumer education and care.  SPARC cannabis products are also sustainably grown on a self owned Sonoma County estate in fully organic, biodynamic fields using only natural sunlight making it a forefront expert in the entire business cycle of marijuana.  Sharing valuable and unique information with clients is a sure way to gain an edge on the competition.

Marijuana Dispensary Marketing Insight #2 – Embracing Technology

MedMen – Los Angeles California

Calling themselves the “Apple store” of cannabis it is clear that the MedMen marijuana shop in Los Angeles embraces all that technology has to offer in terms of cannabis website design and dispensary marketing.  Featuring in store smart tablet displays showcasing the various weed strains coded by color and touchscreens that allow you to learn all about your potential purchases there is no denying MedMen is taking website design and marketing to the next level.  With a fully interactive web presence that highlights all the companies best assets MedMen is a great example of all that can be done when on really focuses on the latest technologies available to cannabis brands.

Marijuana Dispensary Marketing Insight #3 – Rewarding Clients

ShowGrow – Long Beach California

From first time patient visit discounts, to happy hours, to reward apps, to club memberships and everything in between the best at marijuana dispensary marketing are offering big rewards to loyal customers.  A great reference point for this is the ShowGrow Long Beach based app rewards program. A point system based on dollars spent its rewards programs like this that not only peak consumers attention but also keeps them coming back to shop time and time again.  As an industry that is highly responsive to deals, discounts and brand loyalty rewarding clients is a must for those that want to excel at dispensary website design and marijuana dispensary marketing.

If you are planning to work with a dispensary marketing company or a cannabis website design specialist make sure they are well informed about what the top businesses are doing around the world.  Still in its stages of infancy, legalized recreational marijuana will soon grow into a household name offered all around the world from Canada, to the United States to Europe and beyond, fast becoming one of the most booming economies in the entire world.  Those businesses that work with an expert dispensary marketing company will find themselves in a unique position to dominate their marijuana market sectors and niches. When it comes to offering your cannabis products and services online you will want your marijuana website design and dispensary marketing to be in top form and staying abreast on what the very best are doing is a perfect way to do exactly that.