If you are not keeping up with the news in the cannabis industry you are probably being left behind when it comes to marijuana dispensary marketing and dispensary website design.  From Canada, to the United States, to Europe and all over the world it’s exciting times for cannabis business. As one of the hottest topics in the entire world, news is constantly breaking about marijuana development and those that stay informed and educated are the same ones that will be able to excel at dispensary marketing and marijuana website design.  Never a dull moment in the Canadian cannabis market, there is a lot to be learned from the current expansion and progression in the country.

 While cannabis news travels at the blink of an eye in today’s information age, you can still pick up on valuable insights into marijuana dispensary marketing and dispensary website design.  The focus should not be on any one specific topic or newsworthy event but rather the underlying trends and lessons that can be found in the headlines. Sure marijuana news stories will come and go but when we can extract knowledge from a broader perspective it will be then that we can discover even greater success within our own cannabis businesses and brands.  So what are some of the hottest cannabis news topics in Canada right now? Let’s take a look at 3 recent news releases that highlight just how important it is for people involved in the cannabis industry to stay connected to the news.

Marijuana Dispensary Marketing and Cannabis Website Design News Lesson #1 – Expand Rapidly

News Event #1: Ontario, Canada Will License 50 More Cannabis Stores

This shows that the time to act on cannabis dispensary marketing and marijuana website design is now.  The marijuana market is expanding at an unheard of rate and companies and brands that leverage time in their favor will have a competitive advantage.  Competition is growing exponentially and the key is to act now on growth and development or expect to quickly get passed by the people that are coming in with new licenses to take things to the next level.

Marijuana Dispensary Marketing and Cannabis Website Design News Lesson #2 –  Engage Booming Markets

News Event #2: Alberta, Canada Consumes The Most Cannabis In The Country

There are certainly cities and provinces that are leading the way in marijuana dispensary marketing and cannabis website design and you can put Alberta, Canada on that list.  Regardless if you are in California, Colorado, British Columbia, Ontario or Alberta there are a plethora of places cannabis is thriving that we turn to for education, inspiration and motivation.  Studying and embracing the locations that lead the way in marijuana legislation and commerce will go along way to improving your own approach to the subject matter.

Marijuana Dispensary Marketing and Cannabis Website Design News Lesson #3 – Explore New Niches

News Event #3: Toronto, Canada based company CannaHorse forms to become “the world’s first ever legal cannabis brand dedicated to horse health.”

The above is a great example of the fact that no niche is off limits when it comes to cannabis which should really expand your mind in terms of dispensary marketing and website design.  In an effort to promote or advertise your marijuana business or brand or when trying to envision the future of your website you must be willing to think outside the box and constantly look for new ideas and opportunities.  You never know when you will meet that next partner, or hire that perfect dispensary marketing company or dream up that next successful product or service so you must stay open and receptive to all industry introductions and innovations.

Of course there will be three new cannabis news stories to replace the above as fast as you can read this article.  The true point is the longer term underlying messages these announcements illustrate in terms of marijuana dispensary marketing and dispensary website design.  The three E’s of Exploring, Engaging and Expanding should not be ignored when it comes to enhancing your online marijuana brand or business. If you do ever decide to hire a dispensary marketing company or cannabis website design firm always make sure they are well versed in the latest trends and topics.  Knowing great website design and marketing strategies is one level. Working with or becoming an expert in marijuana dispensary marketing and cannabis website design while integrating that with latest advancements and most talked about events will put you on a whole other pedestal or profits and potential.