3 Canadian Cannabis Business Ideas That Can Inspire Marijuana Website DesignOne of the best by-products of cannabis legalization is all the wonderful new business concepts and marijuana website designs being cultivated.  Taking full advantage of new laws and perceptions, Canada is now coming up with all types of innovative and creative consumer ideas making it easy to find inspiration online.  A leader in the marijuana revolution, Canada is really showcasing just how companies are finding ways to integrate with the THC and CBD lifestyle. When it comes to stimulating our own cannabis website design projects there is a lot that can be taken away from some of the more unique marijuana products, brands and services sprouting up in the now budding pot friendly international environments.

As marijuana is fast becoming modernized in Canada many contemporary companies are leading the way for interesting marijuana website design.  Now in the age of technology finding new ways to shine online is mandatory and especially in such a forward thinking industry. Keeping up with the cannabis innovators is a perfect way to be inspired in our own marijuana endeavors.  Having a great idea, product, service or brick and mortar store simply does not cut it anymore as you must be able to connect with clients online and watching how others are accomplishing such a task translates well to personal marijuana business goals and timelines.  So what types of weed attractions are pushing the limits of cannabis website design and creativity in Canada? By studying the following three intriguing and interesting Canadian cannabis business ideas we can discover effective and meaningful ways to improve upon any marijuana website design endeavors we may have on the horizon.     

Canadian Cannabis Business Idea #1: Rolling Greens, Smith Falls, Ontario

Marijuana Website Design Inspiration #1 – Visual Imagery

One look at the Rolling Greens, Smith Falls, Ontario Facebook or Instagram pages and you can already tell that visual imagery is a strong suite of the business.  Then when you get to the website you are greeted immediately with an amazing video sequence that truly captures the essence of the experience. Further scrolling leads to masterfully matched text with pictures and images really highlighting what current stand out cannabis website design is all about.  Regardless of what your website represents if you are not capturing it’s message through amazing video and still photography perfectly paired with the written word then you are missing out. Rolling Greens is a fantastic example of just how beneficial well shot visual imagery is to successful marijuana website design.

Canadian Cannabis Business Idea #2: Hotbox Lounge, Toronto, Ontario

Marijuana Website Design Inspiration #2 – Branding

Not only the next generation of a dispensary extension, Hotbox Lounge, Toronto, Ontario is an organization that advocates for safe cannabis consumption.  Reviewing there online imprint one instantly gets a feel for the “vibe” and brand that is Hotbox Lounge and its “POTio.” With so much well placed branding on different products and business features there is a lot to learn about dispensary website design and cannabis dispensary marketing from this ever expanding and soon to be Canadian pot smoking institution.  From the online gear, to smoking products, to the new location advertising everything is “Hotbox” focused which really helps keep the brand relevant and connected to the customer. This is a great reminder of just how impactful strong branding can be in relation to fantastic marijuana website design.   

Canadian Cannabis Business Idea #3: Canada High Tours, Vancouver & Whistler, British Columbia; Calgary, Alberta; Montreal, Quebec; Toronto & Ottawa, Ontario

Marijuana Website Design Inspiration #3 – Personalization & Connection

When interacting with a business most people feel much more comfortable and welcomed when they can make some type of personal connection and that is exactly what the Canada High Tours website does well.  Utilizing a unique tour booking guide map really highlights just how powerful personalized marijuana website design can be. From custom tour map integration, to extensive individualized city tours, to one on one human interaction the cannabis website design showcased at Canada High Tours is a great lesson on just how powerful personal information and relationship building can be.  Providing the ultimate in flexibility and variety for visitors this is a fantastic representation on just how valuable consumer connectedness can be

While no website is perfect there is a lot we can learn by taking the best elements of already established Cannabis related companies and applying them to our own marijuana website design.  Even though the industry is constantly changing the principles of visual imagery, branding and personalization will stand the test of time when it comes to dispensary website design. By working with a top level cannabis website design firm you are able to capture all that proves meaningful in online commerce.  In conclusion its wise to constantly be checking out the new ideas and Canadian cannabis business ideas that blossom so that your own business undertakings can reach the heights they are capable of.  

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