One of the best sources for insight into cannabis dispensary marketing is the news that is presented to us by the various marijuana media outlets.  Gathering and extrapolating information and knowledge from the wide variety of cannabis headlines that make the news is a sure way to elevate our own approaches to dispensary marketing.  Not only are marijuana newsworthy events interesting and intriguing but they also reveal and unveil a vast array of marketing concepts and ideas. If high level marijuana dispensary marketing is your goal then you will certainly want to stay abreast on the plethora of news stories that grace the cannabis industry pages both online and off.

If you are not keeping your eyes, ears and cannabis dispensary marketing agenda open to learning about what is being broadcast over the airwaves you stand the risk of falling behind your competition.  Working with a dispensary marketing company that does not follow the latest market trends and disclosures will put you at a distinct disadvantage to those that do stay connected to current cannabis affairs and expert analysis.  Accounts and recollections of the very best in industry happenings provide the perfect platform to decipher new ways for our own brands, products and services to grow and expand. If you are ready for your marijuana dispensary marketing to reach new heights here are three news dispatch insights that are sure to help increase fans, followers and sales.

Cannabis News Story Dispensary Marketing Insight #1: Weedmaps Bans Advertisements From Unlicensed Marijuana Sellers

When it comes to dispensary marketing one of the most important keys to success is staying in compliance with all platforms you plan to use for promotion.  By following all rules, regulations and guidelines of those you partner and advertise with assures that you put yourself in the very best position for cannabis dispensary marketing success.  When you work with a dispensary marketing company that knows the do’s and dont’s of the business it goes along way towards relevance and reach.

Cannabis News Story Dispensary Marketing Insight #2: Willie Nelson Launches “Willie’s Rescue”, The Company’s New Line of Hemp-Derived CBD Pet Products

What this type of announcement spotlights is the value of introducing new and innovative products and inventions.  Having cutting edge projects and fresh forward thinking ideas is dispensary marketing gold in the cannabis space. By tapping into uncharted territories and venturing into different business lines and market segments one can separate themselves from the rest when advertising. Staying at the forefront of cannabis dispensary marketing is about constantly conceptualizing new visions and challenges while channeling those revelations and breakthroughs to the appropriate audiences.

Cannabis News Story Dispensary Marketing Insight #3: Ontario Canada’s Alcohol and Gaming Commission Approves Licensing For 50 New Dispensary Locations

When medical or recreational marijuana becomes legal in a geographic area there is a fast and furious race for dispensaries to get licensed giving urgency to any well thought out marketing plan.  The pace at which the dispensaries are growing and the amount of new opportunities being provided to them, marketing with a “time is of the essence” approach is mandatory. When it comes to dispensary marketing you must be fast, effective and efficient or others will be ready to take your place.

Those looking for a boost in their marijuana dispensary marketing results should consider turning to the hottest topics and trends for inspiration and insight.  If you are teaming up with a dispensary marketing company be sure to check that they are well informed about all the latest gossip and chatter. Staying updated and included in the latest marijuana dispensary marketing strategies and news stories can play a major role in how well your company performs overall.  In conclusion, if you want to stay ahead of the dispensary marketing curve then making news, being a part of the news and learning from the news is essential.