Even though not a taboo topic anymore, there are still many hurdles marijuana brands face when it comes to cannabis dispensary marketing. From main marketing channels online and offline bans, to government rules and regulations, to social media stigmas, to age restrictions, cultural and religious clashes and much more there are still a lot of questions and concerns to work out in regards to the sale and use of THC and CBD products and services around the world.  Even when completely legal, fully supported by the community and backed by big business there still can be many hurdles a company can face when trying to use marijuana dispensary marketing and advanced cannabis website design to grow and expand.

If you want to know how to use marijuana dispensary marketing to take your cannabis brand to the next level there will be a few techniques you will want to consider in your journey to the top.  If you want to remove the roadblocks that prohibit a lot of dispensaries and cannabis brands from reaching the markets and heights they are capable of there will be certain hacks and strategies you will want to deploy when attempting to separate yourself from competitors in terms of cannabis dispensary marketing and marijuana website design.  If you are trying to brainstorm about new ways to help your marijuana brand takeoff here are a few ideas that might stimulate fans, followers, sales and search engine optimization (SEO).

Cannabis Dispensary Marketing Marijuana Brand Expansion Move #1: “Jurisdiction Jumping”

Sure interstate and intercountry guidelines and laws prevent certain cannabis brands and companies from expanding across borders but if you take a moment to think outside the cannabis dispensary marketing box there may be unique partnership opportunities that allow you to jump jurisdictions.  In markets that you want to expand in or locations that you think would be receptive to your THC and CBD services and products there is potential to connect with already established brands to form mutually beneficial cross promotion and customer curation projects. By working with businesses that have already passed all the cannabis licensing requirements and certifications you can hop into new areas without all the tradition headaches of multi-border expansion.

Cannabis Dispensary Marketing Marijuana Brand Expansion Move #2: “Compartment Creation”

Many cannabis brands try to capture a wide audience and certainly this can be effective at times but client and customer compartment creation can be a much better marijuana dispensary marketing and cannabis website design strategy. By focusing on very specific niches one can build the blueprint to success within very target categories and buyer groups.  When you truly focus on who your brand and message means the most to it is then you can start to cater to those that care about your CBD and THC offerings the most. It gives you the chance to take a deeper approach to client cultivation through direct channeling and relationships. Regardless if it’s seniors, millennials, baby boomers, generation X, Y or Z, and everything in between by narrowing down your range of core customers you can create competitive advantages that others will not be privy to.  

Cannabis Dispensary Marketing Marijuana Brand Expansion Move #3: “Brand Builders”

From affiliates, to ambassadors, to influencers, to fans and followers, to loyal customers, to partners and more in order to maximize your dispensary marketing you need brand builders behind you.  It’s common knowledge that there is power in numbers and that sentiment certainly holds true in regards to marijuana dispensary marketing. The more people you have championing for your brand the better chance you have to reach the audiences that matter most to your business.  By having a wide range of believers represent you it can provide platforms and opportunities for your company that you otherwise would not have access to. Leveraging people’s excitement and loyalty to your brand is a sure way to use cannabis dispensary marketing strategies to build more recognition and sales.

When looking for new ways to increase your marijuana dispensary marketing effectiveness you will certainly want to consider jurisdiction jumping, compartment creation and brand builders when deciding which routes to take and where to dedicate resources.  Still closed off for the most part to regular marketing and advertising channels companies in the cannabis space must get creative when it comes to expanding their brands. Hopefully as time passes more and more successful dispensary marketing methods will present themselves but in the interim it is wise to work with a dispensary marketing company that knows the in’s and out’s of the marijuana industry.