In reference to marketing strategies there is a lot to learn from dispensaries in the state of Vermont. By studying Vermont companies marijuana website design, marketing and search engine optimization, we can discover new advertising approaches to apply to our own THC and CBD efforts. On May 19th, 2004, the state Vermont legalized medical marijuana when Governor James Douglas confirmed he would permit Senate Bill 76 to pass into law without resistance. As further time passed the demand for recreational cannabis grew until eventually Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin signed HB200 on June 6th, 2013, which decriminalized the possession of 1 ounce of weed or less. The complete legalization of cannabis consumption was authorized when the Senate passed the bill H.511 taking effect July 1st, 2018, which was signed by Governor Phil Scott officially becoming “An act relating to eliminating penalties for possession of limited amounts of marijuana by adults 21 years of age or older”.

With so much excitement and interest in cannabis occuring in a single state we are now noticing new methods and plans in terms of valuable business support systems like dispensary marketing, marijuana website design, SEO and search engine marketing. While we can identify a plethora of thriving dispensaries in Vermont pushing the future of legalized cannabis consumption, there are a few stand outs really excelling when it comes to advancing the CBD and THC industry’s legal expansion in the United States. Just beginning to grow as a viable trade, the highest performing dispensary website design and marketing endeavors must be cultivated properly to achieve success which is why it is so vital to stay connected to states like Vermont who are pioneering the paths to uncharted cannabis territories.

By reviewing the successful medical and recreational dispensary marketing blueprints and outlines from the most well received cannabis dispensaries in Vermont we can gain a greater understanding on how to upgrade and improve our own THC and CBD companies and websites.

Marketing Lesson #1 – Statewide Delivery

GrassRoots – Brandon, Vermont

One of the best ways to market a product, brand or service is to make it available and easily accessible to the broadest market possible and statewide delivery accomplishes exactly that for a dispensary. It’s a great selling point for potential customers and provides a level of convenience and market reach that is hard to equal through other tactics. Dispensaries that are looking for an extra marketing edge should certainly consider developing a delivery service for their business.

Marketing Lesson #2 – Dispensary Designation

Champlain Valley Dispensary, Inc. – Burlington, Vermont

In order to grow marijuana legally in Vermont you must designate a dispensary as your partner and Champlain Valley Dispensary, Inc. markets its business as a premiere place to join forces with. Making clients feel comfortable enough to make them their number one choice through a variety of specialized dispensary services like selling clones or lab testing, is a great way to connect with clients for a long term commitment. Marketing your dispensary as a full service entity creates a platform that has endless potential for growth and success.

Marketing Lesson #3 – Educational Materials

Vermont Patients Alliance – Montpelier, Michigan

Those that want to improve their marijuana dispensary marketing should consider positioning themselves as a market expert by providing deep insights and educational materials on timely industry topics. At Vermont Patients Alliance they have an entire cannabis website design section dedicated to educating people about important CBD and THC subject matter. By using dispensary marketing that focuses on adding value to the community you can soon distinguish yourself as a go to resource for all things marijuana related.

If you are pondering partnering with a dispensary marketing firm or a weed website design company always take appropriate measures in checking their background on legal cannabis market experience. Still in the beginning of its existence in Vermont, legalized medical and recreational weed will soon become a normal staple of daily life while being embraced for its healing properties all around the world from Canada, to the U.S., to Europe and beyond. As a once underground and illegal activity the selling of cannabis is now transitioning into one of the most visible and widely accepted business niches. Those businesses that join forces with a highly intelligent dispensary marketing company will give themselves the right opportunities to prosper in their respective geographic regions and target marijuana markets. When it comes to offering your cannabis products and services to the community you will want your marijuana website design and dispensary marketing to be at the peaks of perfection and staying in tune with what the highest rated dispensaries are doing and following local trends is an ideal way to separate yourself from the pack.