As the coronavirus and resulting pandemic weighs on everyone’s mind there is a lot being missed from the world prior to COVID-19. As new dispensary protocols are implemented and the nature of social smoking changes there will be plenty to learn about the new face of dispensary marketing and website design. While much of the planet has come to halt one endeavor that has not slowed down is the medicinal and recreational use of cannabis. Considered an essential service, the production and sale of marijuana is thriving more than ever even during these uncertain times giving it new areas of focus in regards to website design and dispensary marketing. What will the new future be like for dispensaries and cannabis products, brands, businesses and services?

A unique time for dispensaries and cannabis companies it will be interesting to see the true impact of the coronavirus pandemic on dispensary marketing and website design. One of the best ways to gauge how trends will emerge from this peculiar time in history is to pay close attention to how people are pivoting as marketplaces and landscapes change. Despite there being many unknowns in the cannabis industry during this current time there are still plenty of clues and hints out there as to what will be shaping the next wave of dispensary marketing and website design strategies. Let’s take a look at some of the most recent newsworthy moments in the market to get a better feel for what is working as we transition into this new era of cannabis.

Future Trend #1:

New Ways of Delivery – Cannabis Café, I Heart Jane, Chalice Farms

West Hollywood’s Cannabis Café became the first drive-through food and cannabis establishment.  The I Heart Jane platform which helps coordinate sales for 1300 dispensaries around the country, implemented curbside pickup.  Chalice Farms recently rolled out home delivery and curbside pick-up for online orders.  Due to Covid-19 we will see new types of marketing and website designs based around delivering cannabis to consumers through new means and methods.

Future Trend #2:

Virtual Shopping – Columbia Care

Columbia Care recently unveiled its “Virtual.Care” experience which allows consumers to virtually shop in Colombia Care dispensaries alongside an associate online.  Due to the coronavirus we will see new types of marketing and website designs focused on giving shoppers a live in person feel through the internet.

Future Trend #3:

Growing Job Market – Vangst

Vangst, which runs the Gigs site for temporary cannabis jobs recently launched a platform for full-time positions, and is now filling about 600 openings a week.  Also the number of job candidates on the platform surged by 300% between March and April.  The marijuana sector employed 243,700 people at the beginning of 2020, up 15% from the prior year and nearly double the number of jobs in 2017.  Due to the pandemic we will see an increase in cannabis related job seekers and website designs and marketing efforts will need to adjust to account for the influx of worker interest in the industry.

Sure we may not know exactly what lies ahead of us in terms of the new norms when it comes to cannabis dispensary marketing and marijuana website design but we can pay close attention to how everyone is adjusting and moving forward. By watching what methods take form and improving our own strategies we can come better equipped to handle and accommodate the challenges that lay ahead. If you really want to assure you are taking the right steps in the post pandemic business arena you will want to work with an experienced dispensary marketing company and cannabis website design firm to assure you are making the correct decisions given the new business environment. One of the best ways to prepare for the future of cannabis dispensary marketing and marijuana website design is to stay on top of the pulses of the industry and keeping track of the trending news stories is a great way to do exactly that.